Helping you gain the most value with your package licence to deSide


This site is designed to help users who already have a licence to use the deSide® software gain the most value from your licence to the deSide software.

If you would like more information on how to licence deSide® or this site does not answer your specific questions, please contact us.


deSide® Package Components Summary

The Getting Started section of this site provides more detail on the package components.


Data Feed through to your Process Control System
a critical part of the value offered
deSide Display Screens
a bundle of installed display screen licences, included in your deSide package
Small Ticker application
included in your deSide package
deSide Mobile
– keep an eye on market prices, whilst out and about
deSide Online Analysis
– available online
deSide Alerting
– configurable online to send SMS alerts