Installer #1 – deSide Updater

As illustrated here, the deSide ® Updater is the most important component in your package, because it is central to providing a secure, reliable and timely data feed into your Process Control System.

The updater is also necessary to ensure that your deSide displays function properly.

From the commencement of Five Minute Settlement (00:00 on Friday 1st October 2021) the version of the updater that applies is noted here:


Version: After commencement of Five Minute Settlement
(i.e. from 1st October 2021).
Here’s the MSI Installer for the deSide Updater v6.

This post-5MS release of the deSide Updater is Version

Reaper Script This SQL script helps you manage the size of your database by removing records that are older than the tolerances in the script. Use this script in conjunction with a scheduled task to automatically manage your database size.

The post 5MS version of the Database Maintenance Script (v6) is here.

Detailed Install Instructions Please refer to this newer document for detailed instructions on installing the deSide Updater v6.

Amongst other things, to install and activate the deSide Updater you will need:

  • The installer (above)
  • Access to an SQL server installation with a user with administrator privileges
  • The reaper script (if installing on MS SQL Express)
  • Your network proxy settings
  • Your gr-ID (username and password) to activate your licence. If you don’t already have a gr-ID account, please visit our Secure Site
  • Access to the internet. See the System/Network Requirements for details of the specific URL’s that the deSide Updater needs to access for data and licensing.
Licence Agreement Please review this agreement, which will apply to your trial or full licence of any software that you download.