deSide Client – Customising Your deSide Display

The deSide display can be configured in several ways as explained below.  All the display configuration is done from the Display -> Options dialogue box which you can open from the main menu at the top of the app.


Configure Display #1)  the Colour Scheme for Price and Demand

deSide can be configured to use a colour scheme based on the price ranges you are interested in. The numbers displayed in deSide tables and schematics are colour coded according to a “heat map” from blue (low numbers) to red (high numbers). For each of these numbers, you can set the values for the low and high values, thereby attracting attention to values that are of particular interest to you.

To configure the heat map colour scheme, select the “Colour Scales” tab on the Display Options dialogue. Use the list on the left hand side of the screen to select the data element you want, and the numeric controls on the main part of the screen to set the lower (blue) and upper (red) values for that data element.



Configure Display #2) setting Price Thresholds to display

deSide can be configured to display price threshold lines on graphs, using threshold values that you provide.

You can also use the Display Options dialogue to first create new price thresholds and then apply these to the graphs you want. This will place coloured lines across the selected graphs at the values you have configured, as illustrated below.


To add a price threshold to a graph, select the “Price Thresholds” tab in the main part of the form.  Enter values for the Name you want to use for this threshold, the dollar value for the threshold, and the colour you want to use for the line showing the threshold on the graph(s):


The control on the left hand side of the dialogue represents the different tabs on the display (one for Whole of NEM, and others for each of the regions). The graphs that appear on each of these tabs are listed under each item.

To add the thresholds to the graphs:

  1. Select the graphs that you want to apply thresholds to, using the control on the left hand side of the dialogue.
  2. Use the tick boxes in the “Displayed Price Thresholds” tab to choose the thresholds you want to apply to the selected graphs.



Configure Display #3) setting Max and Min Prices on charts for each region

The charts in deSide allow you to select either automatic or static scaling behaviour – with the toggle menu on the chart itself.

  • If you use static scaling, deSide will set the scale of the Y axis to fixed values that you specify.
  • If you use automatic scaling then deSide will set the scale of the Y axis to always display the maximum and minimum values in the current data set.

To configure the scale that is used for the price axis on a graph, go to the “Chart Settings” tab in the Display Options dialogue and select the “Price Axis” tab in the main part of the form.  Select the graph(s) that you want to set the price axis for, using the control on the left hand side of the dialogue.

In the “Price Axis” panel, select either “Automatic” to have deSide set the scale of the price axis, or select “Static” to fix the scale of the price axis to the values you provide in the Min and Max boxes.




Configure Display #4) more options, for the charts for each region

For any graph in deSide, if you hold down the left Shift key, and click on the title of a graph, you can directly change all the nitty-gritty details of the graph (including what is displayed, how it is displayed, and whether or not to show the legend).