deSide Client – Configuring your internet settings

The internet settings form allows you to change how the deSide Client accesses the internet. You can see a screenshot of the form below.




Clicking on the check-boxes next to the various sections allows you to fill out that section of the form (as you can see in the screenshot above, I have checked the option for “Specify Proxy” which allows me to enter my proxy details manually). The deSide Client gives you 3 options for handling your internet settings (only 1 may be selected at a time).


1 Use your system settings. This option allows the deSide Client to simply attempt to use the global proxy settings in Internet Explorer.
2 Manually specify your proxy information.
3 Specify the address of a proxy automatic configuration script.


The Internet Settings form also provides a section to specify any credentials that you need to enter in order to access the internet through your proxy.

You may need to consult your IT administrator in order to fill this form in correctly.