deSide Client – AEMO’s Market Notices

In their role as market operator, AEMO issues Market Notices to explain (to wholesale market participants) details of what they do in operating the market.  They are not intended for consumption by a broader audience, so you will sometimes find them to be quite cryptic.

In particular, please note that these notices are not intended to explain why prices are what they are (we’ve developed ez2view as a  bigger product to help wholesale participants understand the many factors that come together in setting the price).

In the interface, the part at the top will display Market Notices that the AEMO has issued over the past 7 days.  Simply click on a notice to read the full text of the message underneath.

If you so desire, you can filter your market notices by keywords and dates. Simply type any keywords into the text-box and press “filter” or hit “enter”. If you wish to filter by dates, click the down arrows to expand the “Issued Between” section and then select your desired dates.

In the image above, you can see this system in action. The user has filtered by the word “non-conformance” and is searching on all market notices between 3/02/2010 and 10/02/2010 (inclusive). The second Market Notice has been selected and its text appears at the bottom of the screen. The market notice is highlighted in the list.