Status update, on development and release of a deSide 2021 for 5MS

As noted directly to clients, we are working on upgrades to your deSide package to ensure it continues to deliver you value into Five Minute Settlement (5MS – which is scheduled to commence 1st October 2021).

On the home page of this deSide install site we list 6 components in the deSide application.  Using the same list numbering, what follows is an outline of what we’re working on for the next upgrade to deSide.

Note that we are proceeding with this upgrade process in priority order:

(A)  Top Priority – upgrading any installed component

Your licence to the deSide ® package incorporates three different installed components to the software:
Component 1)  the deSide updater (and some additional queries to help feed the data provided into process control); and
Component 2)  the deSide client display; and
Component 3)  the small NEM ticker display.

Updating these for five minute settlement are our top priority – so that we can release them ASAP.  This will give you maximum time to schedule installation of these upgrades prior to the commencement of Five Minute Settlement on 1st October 2021.

Here’s a brief description of what is happening with each of these:

(A1)  deSide Data Feed into process control

Most deSide clients have deployed the data feed into process control in order that:
1)  They can see the ‘Estimated Trading Price for the Current Trading Period’ in the same process control system they use for all other process data; and
2)  To automate curtailment when prices exceed ‘HIGH HIGH’ alert levels.

Because you will need time to install the new updaters (your deSide bundle has 2 copies, for redundancy) we’re upgrading this now.

This will mean two things:

(A1a)  New updaters to install

The structure of trading prices is obviously changing, and we will upgrade deSide updater to take this into account.

New 5-minute Trading Price

The structure of trading prices is obviously changing, and we will upgrade deSide updater to take this into account.

Real time output of Wind Farms and Solar Farms

This is data not currently provided in the deSide updater – but, with the rise of Renewable PPAs for Energy Users, we have received some requests for us to add it in, so it can be visible in process control.

FCAS Prices

Likewise, we have received some requests for visibility of FCAS pricing.

Keep in mind that there are 8 different FCAS commodities for each region – 4 raise, and 4 lower:
1)  Regulation (raise and lower)
2)  Contingency 6-second (raise and lower)
3)  Contingency 60-second (raise and lower)
4)  Contingency 5-minute (raise and lower).


(A1b)  New queries to embed into process control

A number of our deSide clients have utilised queries we have supplied (such as in the Installation Guide for the deSide Updater, which can be downloaded from this page here) for the delivery of data updates directly into their Process Control system.

There are three queries we are aware of that we need to be able to supply:

Query 1

Estimated Trading Price (for the current 5-min Trading Period) for [REGION]

Estimated Trading Price for Energy in [Region] This query is used by a number of different clients This will need to be tailored for different clients, based on their Region.  We will provide a different query that will need to replace the existing query prior to 1st October 2021.

Query 2

Current output for [WIND FARM or SOLAR FARM]

Current output for [Group of Solar and Wind].  We will provide a new query for this, which will need to be tailored for individual clients – for DUID(s)..

Query 3

Current FCAS Price for [COMMODITY] and [REGION]

FCAS Pricing for [Commodity] and [Region] Not provided We will provide a new query for this, which will need to be tailored for individual clients – for Commodity and Region.

Please contact us if you have questions on the above


(A2)  deSide Display Screens

We have developed underway of an upgrade to the deSide client to ensure that the information conveyed about energy prices is compatible in future with Five Minute Settlement.

We’re doing what we can to make Potential Tripwire #1 and Potential Tripwire #2 more obvious to deSide users (typically control room operators for whom electricity is not core business), and releasing so you have time to install the upgrade well in advance of 5MS.


(A3)  deSide Ticker

This is being upgraded as well.

If you are a client actively using the Ticker, we would like to speak directly with you.  Please give us a call on +61 7 3368 4064


(B)  Second Priority – upgrade of existing online components

Your licence to the deSide ® package incorporates another three components – with these three components being located online, so nothing further required to install:
Component #4)  the deSide mobile access; and
Component #5)  the deSide online analysis; and
Component #6)  the deSide alerting.

With respect to each of these, we’ll move onto the following once the installed components are ready for you – with the objective being that these components change in time for Five Minute Settlement:

(B1)  deSide Mobile

There are still two access points that remain, as described here.

These are not part of the installed application, so can be upgraded closer to the commencement of Five Minute Settlement.


(A5)  deSide Online Analysis

We’ll continue upgrading the underlying ‘Trends Engine’ that sits behind this … and your access to the NEMreview permutation of this will continue until we have a more deSide specific version released (but that is not being prioritised this year in amongst our other workload).

It will remain online, which is easier for people to access for things like this.

The older ‘Analysis’ tab in the deSide Client is being removed.

(A6)  deSide Alerting

Earlier in 2021 we already added in this capability for deSide users.


(C)  Afterwards

There are a number of other things we have identified that could be developed for deSide clients – however our current thinking is that these would be developed after the above has been completed.

Some of these might only be developed one-on-one, directly for particular clients:

(C1)  Online dashboard of particular Wind & Solar Farm

There are a growing number of energy users who have establishes ‘Renewable PPAs’ with particular Wind Farms and Solar Farms.

1)  For these energy users,

2)  As such, watching what is happening with the output and a forecast of what might happen

3)  However we have established that such dashboards are better developed through a one-on-one process with individual clients based on their specific needs (and charged separately, as an add-on to the standard deSide package).

Note that this would be in addition to the ability to pull into process control a single data point (being the current output for the selected Wind Farm or Solar Farm).

(C2)  Possibilities, with the Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism

There are other things we have identified that we could do, but these are not currently priority focus for us.  We’ll reassess once we are past Five Minute Settlement and the implementation of the Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism.


(C3)  Other opportunities

Other opportunities have been identified, but they are not discussed here.



Please contact us (+61 7 3368 4064) if you have questions on the above.

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