Installer #2 – deSide Display Client

As noted here, the deSide® Client will work (along with the Updater) to provide you visibility of the most important electricity spot pricing information for various Windows machines across your organisation.


Version: After commencement of Five Minute Settlement
(i.e. from 1st October 2021).
You will need one of these packages to install the deSide Client onto your machine. If in doubt, you probably need the 64-bit version.

The latest release of the deSide Client is Version 6.0.10.

This version of the deSide Client v6 requires the deSide Updater v6 or better.

Detailed Install Instructions Please refer to this newer document for detailed instructions on installing this version of the deSide Client.

Amongst other things, to install and activate the deSide Client you will need:

  • The installer (above)
  • Knowledge of where your deSide® Databases are located on your network, and access credentials
  • Your network proxy settings
  • Your gr-ID (username and password) to activate your licence. If you don’t already have a gr-ID account, please visit our Secure Site
  • Access to the internet. See the System/Network Requirements for details of the specific URL’s that the deSide Client needs to access for licensing, and to access the backup database.
Licence Agreement Please review this agreement, which will apply to your trial or full licence of any software that you download.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please give us a call on +61 (0)7 3368 4064.