Value #3/6 – small “Ticker” application

The Ticker is included in the deSide package as an additional application with its own licence.  It runs independently of the main display accessing data only from the cloud.

This ticker is designed as an application you can run in a corner of your screen whilst you are working on other things, to enable you to easily keep an eye on the current and next half-hours for your region of interest.


Here’s how the larger-sized display looks:

In the image above we have selected to show prices for TAS.  Prices for a particular region are accessed by selecting from the list on the left.


If you reduced the size of the ticker (click on the bottom-right corner and drag), the display will change orientation to ensure you can still read the estimated trading price for the current and next trading periods:

In comparing the two images, you can see that there has been an update of the 5-minute predispatch forecast for the coming 12 dispatch intervals, which has resulted in slightly different estimates for the half-hour.


If the price rises above your level of interest over the period (which you can make apparent by setting the colour-scaling) you can quickly then launch the client to take a closer look.