Value #5/6 – deSide Online Analysis

When we first launched deSide (a number of years ago) we envisaged the need for clients to perform historical analysis of a core set of electricity market data.

Initial approach was to include Analysis into the installed “Client” application

Originally we built into the deSide Client (i.e. the installed software) an Analysis component that would enable the user to perform analysis of historical (price) data, back to the start of the NEM.

However, in doing this, we assumed that the client would maintain a complete record of historical data in their (local) deSide database.  This assumption has (in many cases) not turned out to be true – as most clients value the deSide data update process for secure, reliable and timely feed of current prices (for process control) they have typically made the decision to keep the database small – hence making the installed Analysis component largely redundant.

This is one of the main reasons why we will be removing the existing Analysis component in the deSide client (which is largely unused) in a future upgrade…


Better approach, being implemented, is “deSide Online Analysis”

… before we do this, though, we need to complete the development of “deSide Online Analysis”, as a new component of the value stack for the deSide package.

This online Analysis component is being developed to better serve the needs of your “Energy Manager” for historical analysis.  To do this, we’re gathering a long-range history of a range of commercial data relevant to the price you pay for your energy use in the Australian context – hence including AEMO trading prices for the NEM, but also ASX Energy futures prices, and green prices for LGCs under the RET.  This analysis componenet is still under intensive development.


In the meantime, you can access the Analysis component via NEMreview v7

By accessing the pre-release beta version of NEMreview v7 (another Global-Roam product) you can take advantage of the value already provided in the analytical tool and provide your input to help us continue the development process

As a licenced deSide customer we have provided you with interim access to a pre-release beta of a different product (NEMreview v7) which is:

  1. Similarly focused on historical analysis; but
  2. Because it has a different client base (hence different needs in mind) it has a broader data set than what we envisage will eventually be in the deSide Online Analysis component.

To access NEMreview v7 you will need to create your own personal account using your corporate email address, if you have not already done so.

You can find more of a description of the NEMreview v7 product evolving in parallel with the service itself on the NEMreview portal.


For a broader perspective, remember WattClarity ®

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