Getting Started with the various components that make up deSide ®

There are 5 core components that you’ll need to integrate, and use, to gain the most value from your package licence to deSide ® for your site(s).
Various aspects of the deSide service have been designed with respect to the three core Energy Users roles we commonly find participating in Demand Response.


deSide Package Components

 Production Operator IMAGE    
Data Feed to Process Control System

A core part of the value delivered by the deSide® package is the ability to integrate the secure, reliable and timely data feed into your pre-existing process control system – enabling your existing team of Process Operators to view electricity prices in the same way as any other process input data stream: including
1)  In your process control system screens; and
2)  Using your existing process control system alerting capability; and
3)  Triggering automated curtailment when electricity prices reach your “extreme” price threshold levels.

deSide Display Screens

For relevant people in your organisation, the deSide® display screens will provide visibility of the key data you need to watch to plan out operations for your day ahead.

Operators might sometimes have a deSide screen displayed to see price forecasts, but this depends on specifics of each energy user



Small Ticker application

Some of our clients use the small Ticker application to maintain some visibility of current prices in the region(s) they care about whilst working on other things.

deSide Mobile

We’re providing increased visibility of electricity price and demand via small-screen responsive web pages that are hence accessible on any smart phone regardless of operating system (Android, Apple, and other).
1)  This is provided for the Energy Manager in terms of providing some broader context; but
2)  It’s specifically not intended for use by the Production Operator

It is assumed that the Operators will use whatever mobile displays are already used onsite in conjunction with broader process control


deSide online Analysis

For Managers and others engaged in more strategic thinking about electricity prices, we’re providing a web-based analytical capability to enable them to query a set of historical AEMO market data, and also ASX Energy futures prices.

deSide Alerting

To augment what functionality is provided by your own Process Control System.

It is assumed that the Operators will use alerting within broader process control

No organisation is identical to another – however we believe you will find this table useful for understanding which components of the service have been designed with particular roles in mind.