Value #4/6 – deSide Mobile

There are currently two different access points for different deSide mobile applications.

Rather than being installed applications the 2 deSide mobile access points are web pages optimised for use on small screens – and hence they are accessible on any smart phone, regardless of operating system (Apple ios, Android, others).


deSide Mobile

Some years ago, we released a tabular view of prices online, optimised for small screen viewing:


Within the display, you can click on the individual region, to see more a table of actual and forecasted prices for the given region.

This tabular view is still quite widely used*, and you can still access this Tabular View here:
(a) this service has been designed to recognise your (company-wide) gr-ID username and password for access.
(b) though note that this will be rolled into the new access point at some point in future.

* At some point in future (it’s on our Jobs List, but has not reached the top), we will be moving this service into the newer (individualised) access point below.  This move is not imminent, and we will contact our clients to let them know that this is happening before it does.



deSide App

We have begun the process of developing a new (small-screen friendly) web-based deSide app. Driven by our customer requests, the new app will allow you to configure and save your own individual preferences.

To access deSide Mobile you will need to create your own personal account using your corporate email address.

Clicking the big green button on the deSide Mobile login page will start the registration process.  Note that deSide Mobile is very much a work in progress so will continue to change into the future:

If you have particular points of feedback about this new web-based access point, we would very much like to hear from you:
1)  There’s a feedback mechanism within the app itself; or
2)  You can just send us an email, or give us a call (tel 07 3368 4064).