Value #2/6 – Getting started with the deSide display

In the standard deSide package, you’re provided 15 copies of the deSide display, or “deSide client”.  This is typically enough for most of our clients – but in a few cases they require a few more, which we supply at a nominal charge.

The following diagram illustrates how the deSide display can be configured to receive data from three separate databases, but note in particular that the web database is designed as a backup and is not intended for primary use:

Illustration of three different database connections for deSide display


The deSide display was initially constructed a number of years ago – and we’re currently in the early stages of working through an upgrade. On this website we focus on the four parts of the display that clients have explained to us are of real value.



Corresponding to the five letters above noted on the image above, we discuss each of these display elements (and how to configure the right settings) below:


(A)  Whole of NEM display

The Whole of NEM overview is similar to that used in some of our other products (such as NEMwatch), in that it has been designed to provide a clear overview of what’s currently happening across the NEM.

In the case of this deSide screen, it has been specifically configured with your needs in mind (as a spot exposed energy user), as explained further here.


(B) Region-specific display

There are five of these region-specific pages, one for each region.  The structure of these pages is identical for each region and focused on prices for the particular region you have selected, (as explained here).

We envisage that you will select the page for the region of particular interest at your site(s) and have that page permanently displayed in a prominent place.


(C) Region-specific forecast convergence

As a companion to the region-specific pages, we also include five pages focused on helping you easily visualise how AEMO’s near-term price forecasts are converging on actuals (as explained here).

Again, there is one of these pages for each regions – and we envisage that you might also have a permanent display (for the relevant region) showing somewhere.


(D) AEMO Market Notices

The AEMO’s responsibilities are (in short-hand) twofold – keeping the lights on, and operating the market according to the rules.

Through the market notices (explained here) the AEMO explains some of what it does to deliver on these responsibilities – however it is important to note that the AEMO does not directly explain, through these notices, why prices are high (at times when they are).  That’s not what the Market Notices are for.


(E) Configuration

The are other application settings you can configure in deSide to personalise your deSide installation, including your database connection strings, and your display settings. More details on how and what you can configure in deSide are provided here.


Once again, if there are questions you have that are not answered in the above, please give us a call on +61 (0)7 3368 4064.