Downloads you’ll need, to have access to all 5 Value Areas

There are 3 individual components you need to install in order to gain the most value from your package licence to deSide ® for your site(s).


deSide Updater goes here The deSide® Updater the most important component, in the deSide package as it provides the data feed into process control.

deSide Updater is an installed software product that will run as a service (i.e. continuously, in the background, even when you are not logged in) to continually check for new market data.  When new data is available, it processes this data into a central MS SQL Server database on your network.

The update process is such that your updater will check for new data from any of a range of data servers that we run in various locations (for redundancy).

Locations and configurations of data servers can change – so refer to the Install Guide PDF (downloadable from this page) for the current details.

For added redundancy with deSide (as we understand that hardware failure does sometimes occur), we provide a second copy of the updater that can run on independent hardware.

The deSide Display Client works with the deSide Updater to display of a focused set of data about the electricity market.

The deSide Client is a data-browsing tool that will be installed on multiple personal computers, and provide the ability (when connected to the central deSide database) to display, and analyse, the data in your central SQL server database.

The deSide client will access data from any of three sources:

  1. Your primary deSide Updater database (once you configure its address in the client);
  2. Your secondary deSide Updater database (if you have installed this, and have configured the client with its address); and
  3. A web database for deSide we maintain separately for “just in case” contingency* (you will need to open an SQL port for this to be accessed).

* note, however, that this web database has not been scoped for high-load, continuous use and is only provided as a backup should your primary and secondary (local) data sources fail.

These three levels of redundancy have been provided to ensure you receive a secure feed.

deSide Ticker goes here The deSide Ticker is designed as an application you can run in a corner of your screen whilst you are working on other things, to enable you to easily keep an eye on the current and next half-hours for your region of interest.


How each of these installers maps to the 5 Core Value Areas is shown in the following table:


Package Component Core Values

Data Feed through to your Process Control System

This is the most important part of the deSide service, and is reliant on having both copies of the deSide updater installed and operational.

deSide Display Screens

This requires both the Updater and the Display Client to be installed.

Small Ticker application.

The smaller data updates come straight from the cloud, so only one thing to install.

deSide Mobile

Keep an eye on the market, whilst you are out and about.

This component is a webpage designed for small-screen use (accessible through the browser on your phone) so there is nothing to install.
deSide Online Analysis

Slice and dice historical data for the NEM

This is a larger tool provided for analytical purposes – accessible through a browser on your desktop, so there is nothing to install.
deSide Alerting

Receive SMS alerts on price triggers you set.

Log into a web page to configure your alerts, and receive them on your phone.  Nothing to install.
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