Value #6/6 – deSide Alerting

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that we anticipate that many deSide clients  will use the power of their own Process Control Systems to be sending direct alerts to the Operators in a format that they are accustomed to (i.e. given that electricity prices are, for you, just like any other data point against which you would control your operations (like steam pressures, or hopper levels, for instance)).

In this case, delivery of the electricity price data into your process control needs to be completed.


More recently, we have been asked to extend the capability of deSide such that it can provide alerting to users in real-time – i.e. separate from your Process Control System.

As such, we have begun developing an online portal that allows deSide users to configure SMS alerts. Using the web application, deSide users are able to set rules based on market conditions, that when triggered, send an SMS message to one or more mobile phone numbers. For example, you could set an alert such that “If Dispatch Price in QLD > $1000, then send an SMS message to 0400 000 000). Below we have listed instructions for accessing this portal and configuring these alerts.



Logging in to the online portal

To begin, deSide users can login to the online notifications portal using their Global-Roam account. If you do not currently have an account, you can register one following the prompts on the login page.

Your licence applies organisation-wide but a Global-Roam account is associated to each individual user. When registering your account, you must provide the email address at the domain of the organisation that owns the licence. For example, if deSide is licenced to your organisation ‘Company XYZ’, then you must use your email address.

Please contact us if you encounter any difficulties with registering or logging in.


Creating a contact to receive the SMS messages

First you will need to create one or more contacts that you wish to receive the SMS alerts. To begin, click on the ‘Contacts’ button on the left hand side of your screen.

On the Contacts page simply click the ‘New Contact’ button at the top right, and then add a new contact name and mobile number.


Configuring an SMS alert

To configure an SMS alert, navigate back to the ‘Alarms’ tab on the left side of your screen.

On this page, click the ‘New Alarm’ button on the top right. Clicking this button will open a pop-up that allows you to configure the rules and settings for your new alarm.

Alarms can be configured based on the rules that you define in this window. Rules can be based on incoming data such as dispatch pricing, pre-dispatch price, trading price, AEMO market notices, interconnector flow and more. You can use the meta tags [data] and [date] to customise the content of the SMS message that will be sent.

Every dispatch interval (i.e. every 5 minutes) your rule will be revaluated and if triggered, an SMS alarm will be sent to the contacts that you have set in the alarm rule.